But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business, not because of the amount of work people get done in eight hours (the average office worker gets less than three hours of actual work done in 8 hours) but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy. It keeps them watching television, and its commercials. It keeps them unambitious outside of work.

We’ve been led into a culture that has been engineered to leave us tired, hungry for indulgence, willing to pay a lot for convenience and entertainment, and most importantly, vaguely dissatisfied with our lives so that we continue wanting things we don’t have. We buy so much because it always seems like something is still missing.

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Taxi Driver (1976)

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Bombay Bicycle Club - My God 

Sinking deeper, further each hour, my god

Movie Requests - Children of Men (2006)

This is without doubt my favourite film of all time.

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Thank fuck
Off to #globalgathering, hard life this

Are you, like, a crazy person? I am quite sure they will say so.

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Benicassim 2014 was emotional



I want to be the first person on the moon to shoot a sniper rifle at earth and hit a wasp nest.  my whole life so far is leading up to that moment







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